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Why does the led light flicker? What to do with this light?

16/10/2022 by 内斯勒
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Do you have LED lights in your home? Are there any flickering issues after use, especially at night, if the bulbs flicker, I think it’s a little scary. We need to find out what is the cause and how to fix it later?

What is the reason for the blinking of the LED light flicker?

  1. If you find the problem of flickering after turning on the LED light, it may be caused by the current voltage instability.
  2. It may also not match the lamp bead and driving power. The current of a watt lamp bead is 280ma, and the voltage is 3.0~3.4 volts. If this power is not reached, the LED light will flicker. After a long time, the internal wire will burn out and the light will not light up.
  3. It may also be because the drive power supply is damaged, so there will be a flickering problem.
  4. It is also related to the temperature protection function of the drive. If the heat dissipation does not meet the requirements, it will cause the lamp to run for a period of time. It will stop for a while.

How to solve the trouble of LED lights flickering

  1. If you find that more than every lamp in your home has such a problem, it means that the voltage is not stable. We can install a voltage stabilizer in our home to avoid flickering of every light in our home.
  2. If the drive power supply is damaged or mismatched, replace a good drive power supply, and then choose matching to achieve its power to prevent the lamp bead. Chip power is insufficient.
  3. When we replace it, we need to open the key parts inside, check the driver or power supply, including the lamp bead, if it is damaged.
  4. If there is an overcurrent problem, it is best to reduce the drive power to solve the problem.

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