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green fishing lights | How to use underwater fishing boats for fishing?

15/05/2023 by 内斯勒
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Nowadays, people need to use fishing lights to catch fish when they go out to sea to open fishing boats.

Because the light effect in the sea is insufficient, and fish schools have phototaxis, fishing lights have become the first choice.
The green light fish gathering light is attractive to small shrimps and young fish, and it is easy to induce them to gather,

so as to achieve the purpose of big fish eating small fish, and then big fish can be caught or laid.

Current status of fishing lights:

At present, in the light fish luring industry at home and abroad, the usual practice is to install fish luring lights on fish boats,

and the irradiation direction and the light intensity of the irradiation range of the luring lights are not adjustable.
Due to the size of the net, only 20% of the fish affected by the light can be caught.
The remaining 80% of the fish is outside the size of the net catch, so that the amount and effect of the catch is not so high.
In addition, the commonly used metal halide lamps have no light distribution, and the utilization rate of light efficiency is very low.
There are also some LED lamps with light distribution installed, but the lights will swing with the swing of the fishing boat, and the light will shake greatly, which cannot effectively stabilize the fish school.
Also have existing LED lamp bulky, after being installed on board, can influence the safety of ship.
In a word, there are many problems in the prior art, which cause the low efficiency of light to lure fish.
However, the fish-collecting light placed underwater can be used effectively and avoid this situation.

Why use green underwater fishing lights?

Green underwater fishing lights will not explode in rainy days or splashed with water, with high luminous efficiency and high luminous flux maintenance rate.
It has a greater fish luring ability for fishing, which increases the safety of fishing boat operators;
Small size, easy to go fishing, good color rendering, long life;

When and when to lure fish

The time to lure fish is determined according to fish species, fish density, fish phototaxis, season, tide, water temperature and other factors.
Fish luring time is generally about 2 hours to 3 hours.
When the fish school is scattered and the tide is fast, the fish luring time may exceed 4 hours.
Generally around midnight, when the tide is flat, the effect of lure is better. You should pay attention to seize this favorable opportunity to get a good harvest.

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