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What is the reason for the flickering of led corn bulbs?

13/10/2022 by 内斯勒
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I think It may be that the LED lamp beads do not match the LED driver power supply

I think The power of the matching LED lamp beads and the LED driver power supply needs to be re-checked.

If The damage of the LED driver power supply causes the same type of driver to not match, and the LED driver power supply needs to be replaced.

I think It may be due to long-term use that triggers the LED to turn off the driver over-temperature protection and then use the lamp after the LED temperature is turned off to cool down.

Here are the detailed instructions:

What is the reason for the flickering of led corn bulbs?

The LED lamp bead does not match the LED drive power supply. The normal single-foot 1W lamp bead withstand current: 80-3000mA

voltage: 3.0-3.4V, if the power of the lamp bead chip is insufficient, it will cause the light source to flicker.

If the current is too high, the lamp beads will turn on and off.

Serious phenomena will burn out the gold wire or copper wire built into the lamp bead but causing the lamp bead to not light up;

It may be that the driving power supply is broken but as long as you replace it with another good driving power supply.

I think If the driver has the function of over-temperature protection and the heat dissipation performance of the material of the lamp can not meet

the phenomenon of flashing and disappearing when the over-temperature protection of the driver starts to work

as: 20W floodlight shell is used to assemble 30W lamps and The cooling work is not done well;

If the outdoor lamps also flicker on and off, it means that the lamps have entered the water.

The result is that the flash is not bright so The lamp bead and driver are broken.

If the driver is well waterproof, just break the lamp bead and replace the light source;

The above is the reason why led lights flicker, led lights are very common in life.

Only by finding the correct cause can the correct treatment be made. Hope it helps you.

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