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What are energy-saving LED lights? What are his features?

12/10/2022 by 内斯勒
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  1. Energy saving LED lights: The energy consumption of white LED is only 1/10 of that of incandescent lamps and 1/4 of that of energy-saving lamps.
  2. Longevity: The lifespan can reach more than 100,000 hours, and ordinary household lighting can be described as “once and for all”.
  3. Can work at high speed: If the energy-saving lamp is frequently turned on or off, the filament will turn black and break quickly, and the LED lamp is safer.
  4. The solid packaging belongs to the type of cold light source. Therefore, it is easy to transport and install, and can be installed in any miniature and enclosed equipment that is not afraid of vibration.

Energy saving LED lights features:

  1. The LED technology is changing with each passing day, its luminous efficiency has made an amazing breakthrough, and the price is also falling. The era of LEDs entering the home is rapidly approaching.
  2. Environmental protection, no mercury harmful substances. The assembled parts of LED bulbs can be easily disassembled and assembled and can be recycled by others without the need for manufacturers to recycle.
  3. Light distribution technology LED point light source is extended to surface light source, increasing the luminous surface, eliminating glare, sublimating visual effects, and eliminating visual fatigue.
  4. Lens and lampshade – integrated design. The lens also has the function of concentrating and protecting light, avoiding repeated waste of light and making the product more concise and beautiful.
  1. High-power led flat cluster packaging, integrated design of radiator and lamp holder. It is fully guaranteed that the LEDs fundamentally meet the heat dissipation requirements and service life. Any design of the structure and shape of LED lamps is very powerful. The distinctive characteristics of LED lamps.
  2. Significant energy saving. Super bright and high power. LED light source, combined with high-efficiency power supply, saves more than 80% of electricity than traditional incandescent lamps, and the brightness of the same power is 10 times that of incandescent lamps.
  3. The ultra-long life is more than 5 hours, which is more than 50 times that of traditional tungsten filament lamps. The LED adopts advanced high-reliable packaging technology – eutectic welding, which fully guarantees the long life of the LED.

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