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Can the led lights strip be replaced by myself? How to do?

17/10/2022 by 内斯勒
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LED lights are usually equipped with LED strips. After long-term use, LED strips will inevitably fail to light up. At this time, they need to be replaced in time to avoid affecting normal use. Therefore, can LED strips be replaced by themselves? let’s see

Can the led lights strip be replaced by myself?

The led strip can be replaced by yourself. If it is a led light strip, you need to turn off the power switch first, and then use a tool to turn off the led.

After removing the lampshade, we can see the internal led light strip.

The LED light strip is generally fixed with three screws on the base of the LED light

which is generally equipped with a special power supply buckle, which is generally connected with a special plug.

We should grab the power button first and then pull it out with force. If we can’t use force

we can keep moving left and right and the range should not be too large, otherwise the power button will be easily damaged.

led lights

When replacing a new led lights strip, first put the new strip on the screw of the led light and connect it with the magnet nut

then paste the led together on the base of the light, and adjust it back and forth.

Keep the distance between the new led light strip power clip and the dedicated plug moderate, then combine the two, and insert firmly.

After replacing the light strip with the new led, you need to turn on the power switch to test to see if the replacement is successful.

If it is a new led, if the light strip is on, it means the replacement is successful.

After confirming that there is no problem, install the new led shade.

The above is the answer about the LED light strip that can be replaced by yourself, I hope it can help you solve the problem of replacing the LED light strip.

If you can’t replace the LED yourself, if there is a light strip, it is best to pay a professional to help you replace it to avoid problems.

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