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Why are night garden lights landscape popular in squares?

17/02/2023 by 内斯勒
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With the progress of life, people’s quality of life and comfort are improved, and more and more people like to go shopping in shopping malls. Commercial plazas are not only an important part of urban daily life, but also places for spiritual exchanges and social activities.

night garden lights Lighting design at night can not only enhance the image of commercial squares, but also attract consumers to shop in shopping malls, thereby increasing economic benefits. From the perspective of economic development in recent years, people’s consumption awareness and living standards are getting higher and higher, providing lighting for commercial squares. The development of commercial squares has created a more favorable space, and the lighting design of commercial squares is promoting the development of commercial square lighting. Let’s take a look at the application of night scene night garden lights lighting in commercial plazas:

The use skills of LED landscape garden lights in the park

  1. Different light sources can produce different atmosphere effects. For the main entrances, main roads, and platforms of the park, lamps with higher brightness should be selected to obtain higher illuminance and warmer atmosphere. The lamps of secondary roads can choose garden lamps with lower brightness and lower color temperature to create a romantic atmosphere with winding paths.

    Selection of lighting source: Various light sources have their own advantages in terms of efficiency, light color, and color rendering. In places where there is no special requirement for light color and color rendering, such as roads, platforms, squares, etc., they can generally be used.

Problems in the development of urban night landscape lights

Formulation of technical regulations for urban night landscape

Urban night landscape consumes a lot of power resources, and the brighter the urban night sky, the better. We need to quantify the brightness of the light according to the viewing interface of the urban space, so as to achieve an optimization between energy consumption and brightness. This requires Technical regulations give guidance. In addition, how to limit the pollution of the light environment in the urban night landscape also needs the support of technical regulations. Similarly, there are green lighting and green lighting design technologies that need to have rules to follow.

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