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What method can be used to brighten the underwater green light fishing lamp bead?

03/03/2023 by 内斯勒
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The underwater green light fishing lamp beads are not too bright, which still affects the fishing rate. When the mouth is light, you may not be able to see the action. At this time, the following changes can be made.

  1. Replace the fishing rod with a shorter one and shorten the irradiation distance, so that you can see the action more clearly.
  2. Add a luminous float. In this way, there are double judgment basis, which is more beneficial to catch the mouth and improve the rate of medium fish.
  3. Repurchase. When purchasing, the requirements should be raised appropriately.
led underwater Fishing Light

What should I do if the night fishing lights are not bright enough?

If the brightness of the night fishing light is not enough, you can try changing the battery first. The brightness of the night fishing light is not enough depends on the following situations, one is its own power is low, so it can only be upgraded by changing the light

The second is that the LED lamp beads are aging and light decaying. In this case, the only way to upgrade is to change the lamp.

The third is that the battery is aging and the voltage drops, which can be solved by replacing the battery in this case. It is recommended to replace the lamp as the first choice.

Why do fishing lights become dim after a long time of use?

Measure first and then gradually darken. In this case, it depends on whether it is a problem of insufficient power, or it may be a problem with the connecting wire, or it may be worn out after a long time of use.

  1. The brightness of a certain lamp bead is not enough. This problem is generally caused by the light decay caused by the aging of the lamp bead. With the prolongation of use time, it becomes darker and darker, so the lamp bead needs to be replaced. If it is an assembly with a lamp cup, we Just buy a new product of the same model and replace it. If several lamp beads are welded on a heat-dissipating aluminum plate, professional and technical personnel are required to handle it, which is out of the scope of this discussion. There is another situation: the lamp beads of several colors are not bright enough. In this case, the output power of the driver board is generally not enough, so the driver board must be replaced, but it is rarely encountered, and it is also necessary to buy a board of the same type to replace it. just fine.
  2. The brightness of the light is enough when it is fully charged, and it will gradually dim in a short period of time (for example, 3-5 hours). Change the battery decisively
  3. A certain color lamp bead does not turn on at all, it may be that the lamp bead is broken, or a certain output of the driver board is damaged, replace the lamp bead or the driver board
green fishing light

How to replace the LED lamp beads of fishing lights?

LED lamps perform well in terms of lighting energy saving and environmental protection, and are used more and more widely. If the LED lamp does not light up, it may be that the lamp beads inside are broken, so how to replace the LED lamp beads?

First, we remove the shell of the LED lamp, and you can see the lamp bead board inside. There are two types of LED lamp beads: pin type and patch type, and the replacement method is different; 1. If the lamp beads of the LED lamp are pin type , You can use an electric soldering iron to heat the damaged lamp bead and remove it, and then solder and fix the new lamp bead with tin strips. 2. If it is a patch-type LED lamp bead, use a hair dryer to blow hot air at the damaged lamp bead, and the adhesive of the lamp bead patch will be torn off after the adhesive is weakened, and then a new lamp bead can be pasted on it.

Most of the current fishing lights are LED lamp beads, some of which are directly installed on the driver board, and some are separated from the driver board. The lamps are divided into focusing and non-focusing, some are disassembled from the tail, and some are disassembled from the head. To replace the lamp bead, use a 20W pointed soldering iron, use a magnifying glass to see, the pointed camera clips the inside, and quickly solders off. The new lamp bead distinguishes the positive and negative poles, and can be soldered quickly.

underwater green fishing lights

How to find out the bad LED lamp beads

LED lamps have been used for a long time, and the LED lamp beads may be burned out, and the broken lamp beads need to be replaced, so how to find out the burned out LED lamp beads?

For LED lamps with multiple LED lamp beads, the lamp beads are generally connected in series. If one or several lamp beads in the series circuit of LED lamp beads burn out, the LED circuit board will be broken, causing the LED circuit to be disconnected, and the lamp will not light up as a whole. Or slightly bright and flickering phenomenon, to find out the burnt out lamp bead, you need to observe carefully, usually the burnt out LED lamp bead has black dots that are different, mark it out after finding out, and then replace it.

Precautions for LED lamp bead replacement

  1. The model of the LED lamp bead used for replacement should be the same as that of the original LED lamp bead.
  2. The positive and negative poles of the led lamp beads cannot be reversed.
  3. When soldering LED lamp beads, the time should not be too long, and the power of the electric soldering iron should be low.

How to fix the failure of the night fishing light switch?

  1. The failure phenomenon is: the fish light does not respond when the button is pressed.

Don’t panic at this time. First, determine if the battery is fully charged. The method is to plug in the charger. If there is a display screen, it will generally display a time, which means how long it takes for the fish light to be fully charged. Of course, the screen display is just a reference value. We don’t have to rely solely on this display to be sure. Check to see if the red light on the charger is on. If it is on, it usually means the battery is charging. If the red light turns green, it means the battery is basically full, and 1-2 will be added later.

  1. The failure phenomenon is: the fishing light does not respond when the button is pressed, and the display screen of the charger does not light up. This question is a bit complicated. Generally, the motherboard may be corroded by water or moisture, so the motherboard needs to be replaced.

Method: Remove the back cover and visually check whether there are traces of water corrosion, or there will be obvious scorching marks on the circuit board after accidentally using the wrong charger. Disassemble the circuit board and buy the same model motherboard for replacement.

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