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How to use underwater fishing led lights? issues should be paid attention to

19/04/2023 by 内斯勒
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The underwater fish luring light is used to gather fish, and its use method is very simple, just place it underwater.
The principle of underwater fish luring light: The blue and green lights are attractive to small shrimps and small fishes.
and they are easy to induce them to gather, so that the big fish can eat the small fish.
and then the big fish can be caught or laid. Purpose.

Why do people use underwater fishing led lights?

When the light penetrates the water, microscopic organisms are attracted in the same way moths are attracted to outdoor lights.
As the concentration of microscopic organisms begins to increase, the water begins to look cloudy.
Shortly thereafter, baitfish, attracted by the light, feed on these swirling morsels.
As night after night repeats, the underwater fishing led lights begin to “remember” where they were at night and return to feed.

As the concentration of LED fishing lights increases, larger predatory fish:
Fish such as snook and red in saltwater or bass and gar in freshwater will know there is a meal near the light.
In just a few weeks, your dock becomes a buffet of nearby fish.
They host a nightly show every night. As this develops in your backyard.
You can see bait lures on the surface and possibly fish without putting your boat in the water.

Use of underwater fishing led lights:

Therefore, when people are fishing, in order to catch more fish in one net, the fish will be concentrated in one place,
At night, when there is no moonlight or the moonlight is very dark, soft lights are used to lure fish to the same place.
In this way, the fish in the water swim to the vicinity of the light because they like the light.
When people catch fish, they save time and catch more fish.

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