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What should you know about submersible fishing light?

20/04/2023 by 内斯勒
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The power of fish luring lights is divided into different sizes, the small one is used for fishing, and the high power is used for boat fishing.
The price also ranges from tens of yuan to several thousand yuan. The voltage is 12V, 24V, and 220V.
Materials include glass bulbs and LEDs (for fishing).
Color: red, blue, white, purple, etc. Different colors of lights attract different fish species.

As a subdivision of traditional lamps, fishing lamps are rare in the market, and their technical content is also higher.
There are high requirements for lighting brightness, lighting time, charging time, and service life.
Night fishing has relatively high quality requirements for fishing lights, and it is difficult for crudely manufactured products to gain a foothold in the market.

Other factors affecting the brightness of submersible fishing light:

The number of batteries is the main factor affecting the brightness, but there are other factors that affect the brightness.
Bulb and reflector. Flashlights with 8 C-cell batteries may vary depending on the type and wattage of the bulb.
Manufacturers may use larger wattage bulbs because they want the brightness to be brighter, and higher wattage bulbs will be brighter, but they will consume more power.

How to use submersible fishing light to fish?

① It is best to bring 2 lights for night fishing. Which 2 lights? Submersible fishing light (ear lights are best on spotlights) and headlights
Only with more lights can you reduce the danger of fishing at night, after all, you are by the river.

②Night fishing is suitable for high-temperature day and night fishing. On high-temperature days, it is too hot during the day and there are too many small miscellaneous fish.
At night, there will be fewer small miscellaneous fish, and the big fish will start to move
Therefore, night fishing is usually larger than daytime fish head. After early winter, don’t fish at night, you can’t catch it even if you freeze to death
③ It is better to choose bait for night fishing. The bait for night fishing is convenient and the effect is good.

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