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When you use light bulbs you should know how led temporary work lights

21/04/2023 by 内斯勒
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The working principles of temporary work lights are:

First, the LED light is composed using directional fuse nodes and a cylindrical frame.
The semiconductor structure mounted on the node regulates the strength of the current by supplying an external voltage to the node and the connection between the nodes.
electrons will start to dissociate from one end of the semiconductor interface and be controlled to the other end, thereby generating light.
Secondly, LED lamps require electronic components,Through technical means such as capacitors and resistors.

the magnitude of the current and the output of power can be controlled to ensure its stable operation.
Lastly, LED lights have a dimming feature where users can adjust the brightness of the bulb on a dimmer switch.

How many volts must the led temporary work lights voltage not exceed?

Generally, the voltage of running lights shall not exceed 36 volts;
The voltage of the lights carried in more dangerous places (damp, metal containers) shall not exceed 12 volts.
There are portable and fixed transformers for running lights. There are sockets on both the high-voltage side and the low-voltage side of the portable type.

Two types of plugs that cannot be inserted into each other should be used.
General lighting uses 220V AC and is installed in places where people are not easy to reach.
When temporary lighting is required in special occasions (such as garage trenches, basements, etc.), people need to hold lamps.
Such 220V alternating current will pose a threat to personal safety, and it is necessary to use low-voltage electricity that has no threat to personal safety.

Specifications for the use of temporary lighting: Temporary lighting circuits must use insulated wires.

led lighting lines must use insulated wires, and the wires of indoor (work shed) temporary lines must be installed on supports more than 2m above the ground;
Temporary outdoor lines must be installed on supports above 2.5m from the ground. Scattered lighting lines are not allowed to use fancy lines.
The lighting fixtures of construction projects should adopt pull wire switches.
height of the pull switch from the ground is 2-3m, and the horizontal distance from the exit and entrance is 0.15-0.2m.

Attention should be paid to the led temporary work lights layout of the construction site:

1. General lighting, partial lighting or mixed lighting should be provided for working in potholes, night construction or work sheds with poor natural lighting.
In a workplace, only partial lighting shall not be provided.
2. For main towers and tall mechanical equipment or facilities that may affect the safe passage of aircraft and other aircraft at night.
For example, external elevators for tower cranes, etc., should be equipped with eye-catching red warning lighting at the top.

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