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How can underwater green fishing light be used to increase the catch?

25/04/2023 by 内斯勒
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The underwater fish luring light is used to gather fish, and its use method is very simple, just place it underwater.
The principle of the underwater fish luring light: The blue and green lights are attractive to small shrimps and young fish, and they are easy to induce them to gather.
So as to achieve the purpose of big fish eating small fish, and then big fish can be caught or spread.

Correct use of underwater green fishing light:

There are many types of fishing lights, and different fishing lights must have different effects, and some fishing friends do not choose professional fishing lights, but use ordinary lighting sources.
This adds even more uncertainty. Generally speaking, the choice of fishing lights should choose those with lower wattage, etc.

I have seen some people use fishing lights with hundreds of watts.
Generally speaking, the more professional fishing lights, the better the effect, and you don’t have to worry about the intensity of the light.

The use of underwater fishing light light color for fishing

We think that night fishing lights usually have two kinds of green light and white light, which can be used differently for different fish and water conditions.

Regarding the use of night fishing lights, there are many different opinions on the Internet.
It is even said that fish species prefer a certain light, of course, these statements are unscientific.
From the perspective of physical principles alone, the wavelength of green light is relatively short, and its penetrating power is not strong after it enters the water.

Therefore, based on this characteristic, it is not easy to disturb fish.
However, long-term use of green light will cause eye fatigue, so white light can be used instead in the later stage of fishing.
Or during fishing, we can change the color and use white and green lights alternately to reduce eye fatigue.

green fishing light

Habits of fish:

At night, sea fish like light, so you can use fluorescent sticks as bait for squid fishing.

Fishing boats must use very bright lights to shine on the water surface when trawl nets at night.
However, freshwater fish are different. Freshwater fish are afraid of light at night, why are they afraid?
We think it is still timid, because of the natural waters, there are no lights at night.
Like the sun suddenly rising at night, are you still in the mood to eat? It’s too late to panic.
The retina of crucian carp and carp has the function of switching between day and night.

During the day, fish can see in color, but at night they can only see in black and white.
Change once at dawn and dusk, and the time is about half an hour. During the switch, you will be alert and don’t eat.
Everyone knows that big fish will step aside when they want to patrol the territory after dawn.

So when it is just dawn and you can see things that are not clear and beautiful, you have no mouth, and after another half an hour, you will have a mouth if you have a mouth.
Therefore, according to the habits of different fish, different fishing methods and fishing lights are needed to ensure the catch.

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