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What should be paid attention to when installing garden lights

17/02/2023 by 内斯勒
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  1. When taking it out of the packing box, you should carefully check the integrity of the product.
  2. The distance between LED lights and flammable objects should be no less than 0.2 meters, and there should be a gap of 2 cm at the top. In addition, it is not allowed to install all the lamps in the zenith, or in the corner with a heat source. At the same time, more attention should be paid to the separation of low-voltage and high-voltage electrical wiring.
  3. The connection wire of the lamp can pass through the drill hole and the connection wire behind the lamp can be fixed with wires to ensure its firmness.
  4. It is necessary to ensure that the length of the power cord of the lamp is sufficient, and it is not subject to tension or tangential force. When installing the lamp black, the tension should not be too large, and the thread should not be knotted.

How to wire the led garden light?


  1. Both ends of the line: This is one of the more common connection methods in the early stage. Due to the advantages of convenient wiring and other advantages, some LED lamp manufacturers currently use

use. Short-circuit the two pins of the lamp head, and then connect it to the internal constant current power supply. This kind of connection only needs to remove the traditional starter, and it can work normally.


  1. Single-ended wire entry: One end of the LED light is not wired, and the other two pins are respectively introduced into the constant current drive power supply. There is no connection between the two lamp heads. The biggest advantage is safety. If one end of the LED light is connected to AC power, then the other end must not be charged. When replacing a traditional fluorescent lamp, it is necessary to remove the original starter, replace the starter fuse and install the lamp tube.
  2. Staggered incoming wires: a new wiring method, but there are requirements for LED lamp driving, including two AC incoming wires. The advantage of this wiring method is that it can work normally with or without a starter. And when replacing, only need to change the lamp tube, which is convenient to operate.

How to choose the material of LED garden lights:

There are roughly three kinds of shaft materials for garden lights, one is aluminum garden lights, the other is iron garden lights, and there is a common steel garden light. The degree is different, and of course the effect is also different. We mainly refer to it from the points of firmness, garden light price, and workmanship:

  1. Firmness, the boiling point of aluminum is low, the flexibility is strong, and it is easy to deform when encountering high temperature. Compared with steel, its firmness is slightly worse. It is generally not recommended to be used in windy areas, and the wall thickness of steel materials can be increased, with high stability and strong support
  2. The price of garden lights. The production process of cast aluminum is complicated, the cost of materials is high, and the shape is peculiar. Therefore, it is normal that the price is 3-6 times higher than that of steel garden lights. In terms of shape, the landscape garden lights made of steel materials are also very beautiful.
  3. Workmanship, the workmanship of cast aluminum and cast iron is much more complicated than that of steel materials, and the construction period and complexity are more than those of steel materials.


Common causes of failures of led garden lights in the garden:

  1. Poor construction quality

The proportion of failures caused by construction quality is relatively large. The main manifestations are: first, the depth of the cable trench is not enough, and the sand covering bricks are not constructed according to the standard; second, the production and installation of the aisle pipe do not meet the requirements, and the two ends are not made into a mouthpiece according to the standard; third, when laying cables Dragging on the ground; Fourth, the pre-embedded pipes of the foundation were not constructed according to the standard requirements, mainly because the pre-embedded pipes were too thin, and with a certain degree of curvature, it was quite difficult to pass the cables, and a “dead bend” appeared at the bottom of the foundation; It is because the crimping of the wire lug and the thickness of the insulation wrapping are not enough, and it will be short-circuited after a long time of operation

  1. The material is not qualified

Judging from the failures dealt with in recent years, the low quality of materials is also a big factor. The main performance is: the wire contains less aluminum, the wire is relatively hard, and the insulation layer is thin. This situation has become more common in recent years.

  1. The quality of supporting projects is not too hard

Garden light cables are generally laid on the sidewalk. The construction quality of the sidewalk is poor, and the ground sinks, causing the cables to be deformed by force, resulting in cable armor. Especially in the northeastern region in the alpine region, the arrival of winter makes the cable and the soil form a whole. Once the ground subsides, it will be strained at the bottom of the garden light foundation, and when there is a lot of rain in summer, it will burn at the root of the foundation.

  1. Unreasonable design

On the one hand, it is overloaded. With the continuous development of urban construction, garden lights are also continuously extended. The load of newly built garden lights and advertisements is often connected to which circuit is closest to which garden light, which makes the load of garden lights too large, the cables are overheated, and the wire lugs are overheated. Reduced, grounding short circuit occurs; on the other hand, when designing the light pole, only the light pole itself is considered, and the space of the cable head is ignored, which is also a factor that causes the failure.

Application range of garden lights:

Garden lights are mainly used in park squares in residential quarters, and they also play a role in beautifying the city when providing the most basic lighting for the masses. Generally speaking, the height of landscape lights is about 3.5-4 meters. If the height is too low, it will give people a sense of oppression and cannot effectively meet the long-distance lighting conditions. The wattage of garden lights is very low, giving people a soft feeling, so it is still necessary to combine the characteristics of the project and make reasonable arrangements according to many factors such as appearance

Determine its shape and height according to the actual use

The height of garden lights is mostly below 4 meters. When the height is determined, it can only be adjusted appropriately through the light source and distance, and double headlights can also be used. Whether it is a garden light or a landscape light, the height is determined according to the one-sided arrangement. The height of the light should be greater than or equal to the effective width of the road. As for the color temperature, it is necessary to choose a matching color according to different occasions, and a good match of the color temperature can present a distinctive light effect level.

  1. First of all, we must understand the lamp holder of the solar garden light, that is, the LED lamp holder. The thinness and thickness of the shell is a factor, and the internal structure is composed of aluminum base plate and aluminum plate, and by comparing the size and thickness of these parts, the quality of the lamp head can be basically determined.
  2. Check whether the battery is a special battery for solar garden lights. Now many small companies use starter power as energy storage batteries, which will seriously damage the service life of solar garden lights. 3. Check whether the light pole of the solar garden light has been treated with hot-dip galvanized spray and cold galvanized spray. Judging by observing the cut, the hot-dip galvanized in the cut is still a coating, and the cut in the cold galvanized has no coating. Light poles treated with hot dip galvanizing can usually be used for more than 20 years, while light poles treated with cold galvanizing can usually be used for about 1 year.

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