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Green underwater fishing lights Underwater fishing lights that attract fish

16/12/2022 by 内斯勒
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Green underwater fishing lights Why do they attract fish?

Most fish eyes contain two color effectors. This Hue protein kinase is best at accepting green light wavelengths at 425-490nm technology and near-ultraviolet wavelengths at 320-380nm technology. Shrimp and insects have vision and have these wavelengths of light, as well as green photoreceptors of 530 nanometer technology.


Perhaps the most important aspect of fish species’ influence on lighting effects in water is also phytoplankton. As the sun rises and day turns to night, the tiny plant photosynthesizers are attracted to the underwater lamps for energy. Because there is no other food to look for, phytoplankton flock to use LED underwater lights as energy sources. Other aquatic life will be attracted by the phytoplankton as an energy source; finally create an aquatic feeder.

food web

When the underwater light is fixed in one position, more and more fish will find the light and come home to find food. This process will continue upwards along the food web until all kinds of aquatic life are gathered around the light. At this time, the role of Green underwater fishing lights is reflected

Super bright green LED Green underwater fishing lights launched by New Sunshine dedicated to fishing

Our own Green underwater fishing lights are not only high quality, they are enhanced for the most attractive fishing light wavelengths. Compare our own lamps with those of our competitors and you will see the difference in the green light that lights up the river. Our own LEDs are designed to attract more fish and assist fishermen to catch more fish.

This in-water emerald green fishing light is perfect for redfish, rainbow trout and snooker fishing, harbor fishing, bass fishing, perch fishing and even shrimping. They are dedicated to attracting a variety of fish in both water and saltwater environments. In addition to the green LEDs that are tailored for fishing, they feature maximum brightness and are durable.

Committed to the design of the natural environment requirements of corrosive salt water

Rated IP68 waterproof level, can persist in use from the water, and maintain the best salt water corrosion resistance. This light is designed for long-term operation in the water while fishing. All materials used have been improved for corrosion resistance, and have industrial coatings, which bring more protection to materials that are already resistant to corrosion. This water emerald green fishing light is durable and durable.

Corrosion Resistant Wiring: We include a 36″ long power cord! Our own new wiring components are designed for long-term application needs in extreme seawater natural environments. All RF connectors are reinforced with industrial hydraulic seals, which are durable. For improved maintenance, this aquatic emerald green fishing light is equipped with a GFCI power plug to minimize the risk of accidents.

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