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Which brand of LED garden night light used in the park is of good quality

02/08/2022 by 内斯勒
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LED garden night lights are widely used in parks, streets and other places because of their beauty, energy saving and soft flash.
During the day, LED garden lights can embellish the city scenery; at night, garden lights can not only provide the necessary lighting and life convenience,
It can increase the safety of residents, highlight the highlights of the city, and interpret beautiful style
Can make people feel the peaceful atmosphere at night. LED garden lights are also very popular, so which brand of LED garden night lights is of good quality?

If you have the demand for LED garden night light, you can choose the new sunshine lighting brand
Over the past 20 years, New Sunshine Lighting has been committed to the research and development, design, production and sales of “high-quality, low-light attenuation, energy-saving, long-life” LED outdoor landscape lighting fixtures, which are widely praised in the industry.
In the field of lighting, New Sunshine insists on innovation and leadership, and brings you the best experience with the best products and services!

New Sunshine LED Garden Night Light Features:

1. The lamp body adopts precision casting and aluminum alloy molding
2. High strength, strong impact resistance, more durable in 5-meter drop test
3. The surface is sprayed with electrostatic powder, which has good corrosion resistance, good moisture-proof design, and the product is more durable.
4. Superior optical performance, uniform light distribution, scientific choice of color temperature, and effective reduction of eye damage
5. High-power LED light sources with high luminous efficiency are more conducive to improving lighting efficiency
6. There is a disk on the back, which can absorb the metal surface, easy to use, hidden hook toughness is not easy to break, and the appearance is more beautiful

If you have a need for LED garden night light, please remember to contact us!
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