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How to repair the damaged LED fishing light? What is the solution?

03/08/2022 by 内斯勒
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Fishing lights (also known as night fishing lights), also known as fishing lights Arco, were designed and developed by brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1962.
LED fishing lights don’t just refer to lights that fishermen use at night. Or in order to see the movement of the fish float, special lamps are needed, which can make the fish float clearly visible on the fish float, so as to accurately judge the condition of the fish, and can also determine the nest in the water by the spots.

So how to repair the damaged LED fishing light?

First, remove the fishing light and check the wiring for burnout. If so, reconnect the line. Then check to see if the bulb is burnt out. Generally speaking, if there is black in the bulb, it means the bulb is broken, then replace it with a new bulb.

Common damage repair problems and solutions caused by improper use of LED fishing light

1. Charging with an unmatched charger will damage the motherboard, resulting in inability to charge and discharge and seriously damage the battery.
Solution: Replace the motherboard battery with a new one.
2. The lamp falls into the water. LED night fishing lights cannot be submerged underwater for a long time. When the switch is short-circuited with water, it will send an error signal to the CPU control board to automatically turn on the light, but the light cannot be turned off.
Solution: Open the back cover in time, take out the battery, and dry it. Replace the front and rear switches, replace the motherboard. Battery.
3. The headlight of the LED night fishing light was accidentally broken.
Solution: Replace the lamp head discharge curve.
4. The night fishing light adopts a tact switch, and the switch only sends a normal function command to the main board of the light through the lighting current. Turning on for a long time. Turning off the light will shorten the life of the switch.
Solution: Replace the switch.

The above is the introduction of how to repair the damaged LED fishing light. If you have problems with the damaged LED fishing light purchased in our new sunshine, you can send it back to us to help you repair or replace it!

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