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led waterproof work light portable high power manufacturers wholesale

01/08/2022 by 内斯勒
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LED waterproof work lights are more common lamps for construction site lighting and architectural lighting, and these sites usually require high-power and waterproof work lights for work.

So where can manufacturers wholesale portable high-power led waterproof work lights?

If you have a need for portable high-power LED waterproof work lights, you can consult us New Sunshine, a professional LED lighting manufacturer, from LED lighting design, die-casting, and sales to an integrated manufacturer.

led waterproof work light

New sunshine led waterproof work light features:

1.It has the characteristics of energy saving, long service life, good color rendering, low light decay, etc. LED downlights have unique waterproof performance. Compared with lighting lamps, LED downlights have more remarkable characteristics.

2.LED waterproof work lights can be used as space lighting and architectural lighting, LED downlights can be widely used in commercial lighting scenarios such as shopping mall lighting, shop lighting, architectural lighting, etc., and can also be used for villa lighting and home lighting, waterproof work lights are also available In aquatic areas, family bathrooms and other scenes, the waterproof work light works well.

  1. LED waterproof spotlight downlights can be used indoors, some can also be used outdoors, depending on their protection class, some lamps show protection class IP20. These can have basic waterproof function. If you need to use it outdoors, try to choose to use the protection level IP64 or above, and you can use the outdoor scene.
led waterproof work light

If you plan to choose LED waterproof work lights, you need professional recommendations. Different fields, different scenes, and different lighting effects have different matching LED lamps. You can consult us, and New Sunshine Lighting will give you a satisfactory quotation and products!

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