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What scene is the green LED fishing light suitable for?

01/12/2022 by 内斯勒
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Simply drop our fully waterproof underwater fishing light into your favorite fishing hole and then it’s ready for action.

Ideal for use on any boat or fishing port, sea or freshwater.

Just plug the green LED fishing light into a general power outlet to catch bait and fish.

LED night fishing lights are the most common water fishing lights in the market.

Designed for 24-7 water application needs on new boats and wooden boats.

but these green underwater lights can also be used outside water, sure don’t have to worry about your LED night fishing lights overheating.

Green LED Fishing Lights

Green LED Fishing Lights are great bait equipment and fish attractants.

Especially suitable for your outdoor water garden, swimming pool and your personal fishing pond.

Especially suitable for snooker, tarpon, grouper, flounder, shrimp, carapace, bass, cod and other fish lures.

ORIGINAL DESIGN – Green High Lumens Underwater LED Fishing Light provides 7500~60000 lumens input and output and 360 degree angle.

Ease of application – the green LED fishing light just needs to be plugged into a normal household outlet.

Installs in seconds. Our own vacuum extractor includes a “moisture proof” 110 VAC AC power adapter with a 30″ power plug.

Green LED fishing lights are excellent baits and fish lures, ideal for outdoor ponds and swimming pools. Our own light effects will attract shad, minnows, herring and other baitfish, and soon starve predators such as bass, chartfish, perch, redfish, flounder.

Durable – New Sunshine has long been tested in the most extreme saltwater environments of the Texas Gulf.

Environmental protection and energy saving: The green LED fishing light is rated for 50,000 hours of continuous use, and the power consumption is very small, which is different from the old power consumption and unsafe over-temperature halogen headlights

MULTI-PURPOSE AND PORTABLE: The green LED fishing lights are perfect for harbor and swimwear parties, and are absolutely safe when out of water! Your green LED fishing light is perfect for your yard pond or for use in community harbors, gettys, harbors and more!

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