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How does the new underwater LED green light fishing light attract fish?

30/11/2022 by 内斯勒
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The LED green light fishing light in the water is an indispensable first choice for friends who love night fishing.

so how to choose the lighting effect wisely when choosing an LED fishing light? Let me explain to you below.

(Green is the best color to attract fish, unless a different color is specified, otherwise many fishing lights will not be equipped with green)

Features of LED green light fishing lights in water:

15,000 lumens, 300 LED wicks

According to the brightness and depth of the water, the aperture of the lamp can reach 30 inches, and the LED can last for 50,000 hours.

It can move down without bearing. The 360-degree lighting can illuminate the water around you!

  • Made of industrially produced PVC and high quality transparent plastic
  • The LED is surrounded by a transparent plastic tube and completely sealed, making it completely moisture-proof and more durable.
  • All RF connectors are waterproof and passed inspection before shipping.
  • Apply light effects in the water so you can attract all the fish and not every little bug.
  • Bearing end cover color is normally bright red, but may vary.
  • By using this low amperage/wattage bulb, you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a generator set that can run them off a 12v battery or lithium battery pack.
  • Excellent fishing lights for boats, harbors, harbors, kayaks, canoes, or shore fishing.
  • Signal lights attract baitfish, which attract larger fish such as bass, perch, walleye, rainbow trout, grouper, and most other species.

New Sunshine manufactures high-quality, environmentally friendly and energy-saving, waterproof lights, which are suitable for use at sea and in water. The underwater LED green light fishing light uses a high-conductivity LED wick to achieve an excellent degree of fish attraction. Our very own underwater LED green light fishing lights have a high level of fish attraction to enhance the family’s ability to fish and watch fish off the coast. When choosing the right light, attention should be paid to various factors such as water level, picture quality, ship traffic and the required appearance of the lighting area.

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