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Which fishing light is good and cheap for beginners? For fishing boats?

01/12/2022 by 内斯勒
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It is inevitable that everyone can arrange the schedule at night when fishing. For some people who often fish, fishing lights are one of the indispensable fishing tackle. In order to better obtain lighting and drift at night, and not to frighten the fish, which brand of fishing lights is better without affecting the effect of night fishing? Which brand of night fishing lights is easy to use?

Output Power

Normal night fishing lights will indicate how many watts, and normal fishing can usually be done with 10w. If the length of the pole is more than 7.2 meters, choose 30W or 40W.

After all, the greater the output power, the greater the power consumption. In the case of the same battery power, the standby time will be shorter.


The definition of light is popularized here, which is also the national standard for measuring chromaticity.

The higher the lumen value, the higher the flashlight. If you want to achieve the best lighting effect when fishing at night, the lumen value can be between 240-270.

However, the chromaticity does not mean that the brighter the better, it should be selected comprehensively according to the fishing living environment and the fishermen’s professional skills.


The battery life has a certain relationship with the output power and the battery power.

The rechargeable batteries manufactured by the battery factory are divided into three types: A product, B product, and old lithium battery refurbishment.

Among them, the B product rechargeable battery generally has a falsely high capacity, and it is recommended to choose as large as possible.

Brand night fishing lights can point the night fishing lights to a certain lighting area and continue to illuminate the lights for 4 hours.

Observe whether the computer optical drive in the direct exposure area is erratic and the area is reduced. If so, it means night fishing The battery life of the light is not up to standard.

light spot

This should be determined according to the fishermen’s own good habits. Generally speaking, if the light spot is small, the color of the concentrated area is good, and the rocky rod must be thrown accurately, and vice versa.

Protection standard

It is best to choose a night fishing light with a dustproof and waterproof industrial production level of IP64~IP68 (anti-pollution 6, moisture-proof 4). The night fishing lights of many small brand workshops are made of recycled plastic, and the casing is very easy to break , the drop resistance is deviated, and the waterproof level is not enough at all.

other functions

The privacy function of the focal length adjustment system is not very important for many fishermen. Most fishermen only use the focal length of the intermediate lens. The distance between fishing is not easy to change frequently. It is mainly selected according to actual needs.

Fishing lights for fishing boats are recommended to be 1000W~6000W. High-power fishing lights will increase the amount of fishing

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