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What is the 3c standard for led corn light and garden light fixtures?

10/11/2022 by 内斯勒
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LED lighting products must enter the market for circulation or sell CCC certification.

Because CCC certification is a compulsory product certification system (CCEE) of national safety certification.

Import safety and quality licensing system (CCIB).

China Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification (EMC) three-in-one CCC “authoritative certification is the China General Administration of Quality Supervision.

Inspection and Quarantine and the National Certification and Accreditation Administration.”

It is of irreplaceable importance as an advanced symbol that is in line with international standards.

This is a common problem in the certification of CCC safety requirements for LED lamps.

How to divide the certification unit?

①Installation method;

② Type of light source;

③Anti-electric shock protection level;

④ Shell protection grade;

⑤ Installation surface material. Covered by thermal insulation material;

⑥ Lamp control device; the above 6 points are the same, and those with similar structures can be divided into the same unit.

What are the led corn light forms of protection against electric shock?

I – basic insulation + protective earthing;

II – double insulation/reinforced insulation;

III – power supply voltage SELV + lamp operating voltage SELV


What positioning and protection measures should be taken at the power supply end?

The insulating pad is generally placed under the terminal block and fixed with double screws.

What are the led corn light limitations of using self-tapping screws?

Self-tapping screws cannot be used to connect current-carrying parts unless there is a suitable locking device (such as a spring washer);

self-tapping screws cannot be used to provide ground continuity unless there are at least two per connection.


How to tell which parts of the glass or translucent cover need to be impact tested according to the requirements of fragile parts?

After judging the removal of these parts, whether the IP of the lamp has reduced the protection level.

Whether the protection against electric shock still meets the standard.

Whether the protection against UV rays and light source sputtering hazard still meets the standard.

If there is any negative judgment, it should be considered as a fragile part and subjected to an impact test.

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