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How can LED underwater fish lure lights gather fish?

09/11/2022 by 内斯勒
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LED underwater fish lure lights are used to gather fish. It is very simple to use and can be placed directly underwater. The trick to use the fish lure light is that the wavelength of the light is preferably dark blue. Then as bright as possible, then work at night.

LED underwater fish lure lights have the following features:

1) High strength.

2) Glow in a color similar to fish space (blue or green).

3) Powered by a portable power source.

4) Maneuverability and stability in deep water.

5) Use polarized optical materials and fluorescent materials.

6) Intelligent control and integration of smell, sound, spectrum and moving light graphics.

What color of LED underwater lure lights is the most attractive, and what color is the most commonly used?

Yellow light is the most attractive fish. The light source is a tool used when fishing at night. In addition to illuminating fishermen, some colored light sources also have the function of gathering fish. Especially the yellow light, their color is relatively warm, after entering the water, it is not easy to be surprised by the fish in the upper and middle layers, but it is easy to attract it.

Because they are warm colors, they are more suitable for use in cooler weather, such as spring and autumn, and can also be used in winter.

There are also many varieties of fishing lights at night. If you divide them from the type of light, they can be divided into many different types, and you need to pay attention to the selection. The light source not only allows fishermen to illuminate, but also attracts and gathers fish, choosing the most suitable light.

Generally speaking, night fishing lights mainly refer to fish that live in the upper layers of the water.

From the overall function, the yellow light is the most attractive to fish. This light is relatively soft. When irradiating the fish in the upper layers of the water, it is not easy to disturb them. Instead, they tend to cluster around. The first choice is light of this color.

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