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LED explosion-proof lights should be paid attention to when installing?

07/11/2022 by 内斯勒
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Indoor installation of LED explosion-proof lights can improve indoor safety. What is the installation method of LED explosion-proof lamp wiring? Now let’s see.

  1. What is the installation method of explosion-proof lamp wiring?
  2. Fix the lamp body of the explosion-proof lamp on the wall and ensure that the sunshade is on the bulb;
  3. Pass the cable through the connector in sequence, then connect the gasket and the sealing ring, and reserve a certain length;
  4. Tighten the joint and fix it with screws to ensure that it does not fall off.

What should I pay attention to when installing LED explosion-proof lights?


  1. In the process of installing the explosion-proof lamp, it is necessary to pay attention to the position of the joint.
  2. try to make it in the opposite position to the steel pipe, and place the sunshade on the lamp to play a better protective role.
  3. and the overall aesthetic effect is relatively strong. At the same time, the power supply should be cut off before installing the lamps.
  4. When using the explosion-proof lamp, do not touch it at will, it is easy to cause personal burns.
  5. You know, after the light is on, the surface temperature will become high, which will bring unnecessary trouble when directly touched by hand.
  6. To replace the bulb in the future, the power must also be cut off, which is safer.
  7. When using explosion-proof lights, try to use the electrical appliances provided by the company to ensure sufficient safety.
  8. In addition, if there is a problem later, you need to replace the bulb, you need to use the same type and power bulb, to avoid unnecessary trouble, you should choose matching.
LED explosion-proof lights

Regarding the installation method of explosion-proof light wiring.

and what needs to be paid attention to in the installation of explosion-proof light, first of all.

we should pay special attention to the installation of explosion-proof light.

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