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Common faults and maintenance methods of LED garden lights

07/11/2022 by 内斯勒
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1. The LED beads are damaged. This is a very common fault. Usually.

when the LED lamp bead is burned out, there will be black spots on the surface, which can be distinguished by careful observation.

For this kind of fault maintenance, a soldering iron needs to be equipped.

The burned out lamp bead can be disassembled and replaced. What to do with LED lamp beads?

The available 150Ω can be directly shorted if the constant current source is driven, otherwise the left and right resistors can be replaced.

2. The filter capacitor is faulty.

LED garden lights usually directly rectify AC power through capacitive-resistance step-down,

and then filter LED lamp beads to supply power through capacitors.

If the filter capacitor fails, the voltage is unstable, and the DC voltage is low, causing the LED garden light to dim.

use the capacitor of a multimeter to measure the capacity of the filter capacitor.

If the error is large, the error is greater than 30%, it indicates that the capacitor has deteriorated.

Replace the capacitor whose withstand voltage and capacity are greater than or equal to the capacitor parameters.

LED garden lights:

3. The resistance step-down module is damaged. The resistance step-down module is composed of a capacitor and a resistor in parallel.

It can be measured with a multimeter.

Whether the resistance is damaged, if it is damaged, find a capacitor with equivalent parameters and replace it with a resistor.

4. Disconnect the line LED to check whether the internal input and output wiring is disconnected.

If so, use a soldering iron to fix it.

5. The rectifier diode is faulty.The rectifier diode has an open circuit.

Faults such as short circuit may be caused by overvoltage and overcurrent, or may be caused by long-term use failure.

6. The LED constant current drive circuit is faulty.

For this fault, a professional with certain electronic related experience is required to repair it.

LED Garden Light 80W

LED garden lights:

For ordinary users, after finding the cause of the above simple failure, replace it with a new LED garden light.

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