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There are 4 reasons for the LED light to light up slightly after it is turned off

25/09/2022 by 内斯勒
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At this stage, the lamps used in households are basically LED energy-saving lamps.

Among all these energy-saving lamps, what we basically see are LED light source lamps. But these lamps are very different from traditional lamps.

The LED lights are wired incorrectly, or due to other reasons, various failures may occur.

LED light

The wiring problem causes the lights in the house to be dimly lit even after the lights are turned off. We must understand the wiring of household lights.

Because our household lights are neutral and live when wiring.

Among them, the control wire of the switch actually belongs to the live wire. When wiring, according to the wiring requirements of the lamp

If we reverse the neutral to the live wire, as is the most common case where the neutral wire goes into the switch

In this case, the live wire is not completely disconnected. Therefore, there will be a slight voltage at the location of the light, then the light in our house may be a little brighter.

Especially some inductive switches and new smart switches are most prone to this problem.

LED light

The problem with the lamp itself is that it is slightly bright. In fact, the possibility of this problem is still very small.

We found that the lights in our home were still dimly lit after they were turned off, after confirming that there was no problem with the switch, but also confirming the problem with the lights.

One of the most typical situations here is when the lights and sockets in the home are on the same circuit.

For example, the division of the home circuit circuit as we know it is divided according to the function of use.


The specific wiring method comes from the live wire of the socket, and the neutral wire is shared. So in this case, it is easy to cause our lights to be dimly lit after they are turned off.

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