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Is the purple LED underwater fishing light harmful to the human body?

29/09/2022 by 内斯勒
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Using violet LED underwater fishing light is harmful to people. Violet light can radiate ultraviolet rays, and the greater the power, the greater the harm. Long-term exposure can cause serious damage to human eyes and skin, and the worst may even cause cancer.

Long-term exposure can cause serious damage to human eyes and skin. Violet tube irradiation for about 5 minutes will damage the eyes. Violet light can maximize skin cancer.

LED underwater fishing light:

According to the determination, color light pollution is the most harmful to health. According to the fluorescence reaction, the effect of violet light on fishing is the best, but no matter the wavelength of the violet light has certain harm to the human body, if you look at the water for a long time, the water ripples will indirectly reflect the violet light, which makes the eyes uncomfortable and tired.

Blue light does not have these side effects, and its wavelength can also see the fluorescent coating glow, but the effect is not as good as that of violet light, especially in the case of other light interference, violet and blue light have night vision effects by exciting fluorescent agents, not real lighting.

The light is very weak, and naturally it will not affect the fish, nor will it affect the harvest of fishing.

People who work in an environment polluted by colored light for a long time are prone to increased blood pressure, anxiety, dryness, fever, etc.

In addition to affecting vision, colored light sources can also interfere with the central nervous system of the brain, causing health problems such as dizziness, nausea and vomiting, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, and low libido.

Violet light can easily lead to cell death or mutation of the lens, cornea, conjunctiva, iris, etc., resulting in membrane congestion and blepharospasm.

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