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How much is the LED 16w corn bulb? Where can I buy it?

28/09/2022 by 内斯勒
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Now there are many corn lamps on the market, so how much is the LED 16w corn bulb?

Generally speaking, the amount of 16W corn lamp is about $30, and the purchase price will be even cheaper when you come to New Sunshine!

Seven advantages of LED 16w corn bulb:

Under the condition of the same brightness, high efficiency and energy conservation

LED lamps consume 1 kilowatt hour of electricity for 1000 hours ordinary incandescent lamps consume 1 kilowatt hour of electricity for 17 hours, and ordinary energy-saving lamps consume 1 kilowatt hour of electricity for 100 hours.

Iam think buying LED lights can save thousands of power for users.

because Long service life: so the theoretical service life of the LED 16w corn bulb can reach tens of thousands of hoursand the service life of the ordinary incandescent lamp can exceed 1000 hours.

because Light health: so the light does not contain ultraviolet and infrared radiation and is free of pollution.

Ordinary energy-saving lamps and incandescent lamps contain ultraviolet and infrared radiation.

Green and environmental protection: no mercury, lead and other harmful elements, which is conducive to recycling and no electromagnetic interference.

Vision protection: DC power supply is used to drive, without stroboscopic.

LED 16w corn bulb Product features:

The led corn lamp is made of lamp body material, with guaranteed heat dissipationtight stitching and comprehensive insulation.

The led corn lamp adopts the international general standard E27/B22/E14/G24 screw

LED corn lamp uses LED light emitting chip to continuously move and emit light through current carrying current

Modern LED light source has become a major trend in the new era of power saving instead of traditional power supply;

The LED uses a corn lamp to ensure stable current, intelligent constant temperature drive.

LED chip service life and light quality, maintain the entire lighting life;

The LED energy-saving lamp adopts a heat dissipation plastic shell to make the lamp body more compact

The led corn lamp adopts a high light transmittance lampshade, which has good light transmittance

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