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What is the main function of LED luminous fishing lights?

07/10/2022 by 内斯勒
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The fishing light can effectively reflect the floating fluorescent light, making it clearly visible; due to the wavelength, the blue light will not interfere with the fish; let the fishermen stare at it for a long time; the special light color can attract the phototaxis of the fish and make the fishing effect at night better .

Fishing lights are lights that fishermen use at night. In order to see the movement of the floats, special lights are needed to make the floats clearly visible to accurately judge the condition of the fish, and also to identify the nests in the water by the spots.

What is the main function of LED luminous fishing lights?

Fishing lights at night have a certain effect of attracting fish. The main function of the night fishing light is to illuminate, otherwise you cannot fish in the dark night. In addition to the lighting, it also has a certain effect of attracting fish. It is worth noting that the night fishing light is only effective for the middle and upper light-driving fish, and is effective for the middle and lower layers. There is no effect on the fish that are protected from light, even to the fish.

LED luminous fishing lights are generally multi-colored lights. Common light colors are white light, yellow light, blue light, purple light, etc. It is generally recommended to use blue night fishing lights for four main reasons:

First, blue light is more conducive to reflecting the floating fluorescence of fish,

Second, blue light can reduce the interference to fish,

Third, blue light can attract fish to gather in the sun,

Fourth, blue light is harmless to people and can be used for a long time.

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  1. Shenzhen Chaopeng Lighting: Shenzhen Chaopeng Lighting is a famous night fishing light brand established by Shenzhen Chaopeng Lighting Co., Ltd. in 2004. It is committed to providing high-quality fishing tools for most fishermen. The main products include LED night fishing lights. Fish lights. LED corn lights, work lights, etc.

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