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How bright is a 100W LED work light? How much does a lamp cost?

21/11/2022 by 内斯勒
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Hi, it’s hard to gauge how bright an 100W LED work light is. It depends on its lumen value. LED lights do well at 80~100 lumens per watt, and ordinary energy-saving lamps are about 50 lumens per watt, so 100W LED lights have about 200W as bright as energy-saving lamps.

Measuring with an illuminance meter and 4-6W with the naked eye can almost reach 10-15W or more, but the actual power of the energy-saving lamp 2W cannot calculate how bright the electrons can be, but generally 2W is at least 10W or more.

In fact, the brightness of light can be measured

called the luminous flux unit lumens

The so-called lumen is a physical unit that describes the luminous flux. Physics is interpreted as candlelight (cd, Candela, the luminous intensity unit is equivalent to the luminous intensity of an ordinary candle) at a solid angle (a unit sphere with a radius of 1 meter, the spherical cap corresponds to The angle corresponding to the spherical cone is about 65°) the total emitted luminous flux.

The light efficiency of general led lamps is between 60-130 lumens per watt.

100-watt lamps According to different categories, the brightness of lamps is equivalent to how many watts of ordinary lamps. LED lamps are different from ordinary lamps of different types.

It can be generally considered that 100 watt LED lamps are equivalent to about 400 watts of incandescent lamps; sodium lamps are 200-300 watts; metal halide lamps are about 200 watts; energy-saving lamps have a brightness of 160-200 watts.

The brightness of LED lights depends on your lamp beads and power supply. Whether the lamp has a cover, the light efficiency of good lamp beads and power supply is above 10OLMw, medium 9OLM/w. The average 95 can take lm1 watt. 40*95=3800lm. The whole lamp is about 3800Im.

The scope of application of LED waterproof fluorescent work lights includes various large-scale construction operations, emergency repairs, and job site lighting, and has become the first choice for most construction sites. The price of 100W LED work light is around $80. Friends who need it can come to New Sunshine to buy it.

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