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Why can underwater LED fish lights be used for fishing on fishing boats

17/11/2022 by 内斯勒
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In the vast sea, underwater LED fish lights is an important tool for fishermen to attract fish and purse seine. When LED lights enter the daily life of thousands of households due to energy saving and environmental protection, it is not easy to replace traditional metal halide lamps with LEDs in marine fishing because ultra-high-power LEDs cannot effectively solve the problem of low-cost heat dissipation of chips.

Traditional metal halide lamps have high power and high energy consumption. In addition, the offshore electrical energy of fishing boats all rely on the power generation of onboard diesel engines, which severely limits the time of fishing boats and the amount of fishing. Therefore, the underwater LED fish light set came into being.

When working in complex scenes, the underwater LED fish light can be combined with multiple single fish light clusters to build a fish light net to complete the function of fish light. During the operation of the cluster, the database and computer are used to calculate the optimal lighting intensity and color combination, and combined with the hydrology and climate of the fishery and the target fish category, dynamic adjustment instructions are issued to adjust the light and color of the LED fish-collecting lights to achieve the best fish-collecting effect. , to meet the needs of modern intelligent fishing lights to set fish.

The underwater LED fish-collecting light adopts the LED light-emitting color power for fishing in the sea, which can be customized according to requirements, and can illuminate from tens of meters to hundreds of meters. Friends who need it can contact New Sunshine to order:

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Theunderwater LED fish lights set is installed on the seaside fishing boats. The size of the fishing boats varies greatly, and the basic requirements are small, light, and high in mechanical strength and protection. The offshore operating environment changes greatly, and the temperature, humidity, salinity, wind speed, wind pressure, rain, fog, and storm change greatly. The installation of the fish lamp lighting system is required to be stable and safe, and the maintenance-free requirements are high.

underwater LED fish lights features:

The light-emitting surface and projection angle of the LED fish lamp are very different from those of the traditional MH (metal halide lamp).

The light effect and projection angle of the LED fish light are more suitable for fishing production, the projection is farther, and the cluster effect produced by the phototaxis of fish is more utilized.

The luminosity retention rate of LED lamps is good, and the annual brightness attenuation is only 5%.

  • Customized light color according to different fish. Increase fish catch and innovate fishery technology.
  • Considering the special environmental factors such as high salt concentration, low temperature, wind and waves in marine operations, the product has undergone long-term vicious tests such as salt spray, waterproof, weather resistance, aging, etc., to provide you with reliable fishery lamps.

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