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How to wire LED lights? Divide the live line to the zero line?

21/11/2022 by 内斯勒
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Although LED lights are easy to use, you must pay attention to the method when wiring to avoid accidents.

So how to wire LED lights at home? Is the led light wiring divided into live wire and zero wire?

Let’s follow the new sunshine company to see!

How to wire home led lights:

  1. If the AC voltage is 220V, just connect the prepared plug wire directly to the power supply line of the LED lamp.
  2. wrap the interface with electrical tape, and then insert it into the socket.
  3. If it is DC low voltage, check whether it is 12V or 24V Yes, prepare the corresponding battery, then connect the red wire to the positive pole of the battery.
  4. and the black wire to the negative pole of the battery, so that the LED light can light up normally.

Is the led light wiring divided into live wire and zero wire?

There is no zero live wire, because it is a shiny semiconductor chip itself, then it is solidified to the bracket with silver glue.

then it is directly connected to the chip and the circuit board with silver wire, then it is sealed with epoxy resin.

and finally the case is installed, so the LED The lamp has strong shock resistance, as long as it does not collide, it is generally not easy to damage.

Will the connection of the neutral wire and the live wire of the LED lights be reversed, which will lead to short lifespan?


  1. As we all know, the neutral wire is the statement of the AC input.
  2. Drive the power supply with AC power and output DC power at the other end. At this point, no matter how wired it is.
  3. the final output LED bulb must be DC power, so that the bulb will glow. Shine.
  4. According to the above statement, even if the neutral wire and the live wire are accidentally connected during wiring.
  5. it will not cause much impact, and there is no such thing as a shortened LED life.
  6. However, it is recommended to connect according to the method in the manual when wiring the LED light, so as to avoid accidents.

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