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does green light attract fish?How does the underwater green fishing light attract fish?

15/12/2022 by 内斯勒
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When the fish are in groups, put a net in the water and drive the fish into the net with the lighting effect of underwater green fishing light. Or after fixing the light, attract fish to gather under the light to catch. The unique light color can attract fish to converge to make the night fishing effect better.

Fully considering that many hunting fish are foraging at night, modifying underwater lights on the boat to attract bait can make your night fishing more profitable, save the inconvenience of searching for fish, and bring the fish directly.

The common consensus in the fishing industry is that green light effects are more suitable for attracting fish, and night fishing is one of the more common fishing methods at present, in other words, fishing activities are carried out at night. Because the night is calmer than the daytime, the vigilance of fish species is also very low. Many fish will concentrate in shallow waters for activities or foraging, and it is easy to catch them at this time.

How does the underwater green fishing light attract fish?

When fishing at night, some special tools are indispensable, and the lighting effect, in other words, the light source is one of them. Night fishing must be under the direct lighting effect of the underwater green fishing light, otherwise fishermen will not be able to recognize the state of fishing floating in the water, which will affect fishermen’s ability to distinguish the time period for lifting the rod. Night fishing lights are one of the most frequently used at this time and can always be used when night fishing.

The use of night fishing lights can not only illuminate fishermen so that they can observe the state of fishing floats and lift the rod, but also have the effect of attracting fish species to a certain extent. Specifically, there are many types of night fishing lights, and in addition to the output power, chromaticity and other factors, the color tone and other aspects are also different. Generally speaking, you can choose yellow or blue light, and the effect is very good.

There is also chromaticity. If you want to fish in relatively shallow areas, then the lighting effect should not be too bright, otherwise the fish will be scared away. In addition, after confirming the position of the light source, try not to move it, and make sure to keep it at a fixed point.

  1. What kind of light is good for night fishing? It has been recommended in the previous article. Night fishing needs to prepare a suitable light source for lighting and attracting fish species. When choosing night fishing lights, some factors should be considered. For example, the color of the light source is an important aspect. The first choice is green, and secondly, the output power should also pay attention

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