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What color underwater lights attract fish? Are green light fishing lights ok?

13/12/2022 by 内斯勒
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Some freshwater fish or fish have the habit of phototaxis, and many freshwater fish species are sensitive to light, especially large carps and breams have the nature of shading. Therefore, don’t think about just relying on lighting effects to attract fish, even if there are fish schools that can be attracted due to “curiosity”. After dark, the fish eyes enter the dimming period. At this time, the eyesight of the eyes is poor, and the deeper the water, the darker the light source, because the water has a reflection effect on the light source, so the moderate direct light source will also cause the fish to explore desire,

When choosing a light source for night fishing, the color that is more attractive to fish is white or a mixed color of green and white.

Fishing has many health benefits. The point is that you have no choice but to be exposed to the hot sun for hours on end. In other words, there are some fish that shine brightest at night, allowing you to fish at night.

It is not difficult to imagine that not everyone finds fishing very easy, let alone fishing in the dark. That’s why you need a good night fishing light to help you. When choosing a fishing light, you will find that there are many colors to choose from, and both have advantages and disadvantages. The following is how you choose the right fishing method for you.

Best Fishing Lights for Night Fishing: Underwater Green Light Fishing Lights

Different colors behave differently at sea and in water. This is because they have different wavelengths of light and some are more permeable to water than others.

When choosing a light source for night fishing, the color that is more attractive to fish is white or a mixed color of green and white. This shade is able to see through approximately 70 to 75 inches of water.

Underwater green light fishing lights should be the most frequently used color by all fishermen. Why do they prefer emerald green? Because the dark green light has a shorter wavelength and will be absorbed by rainwater after it enters the water. It will not be frightening to crucian carp and carp. Green light belongs to the cool color system. When fishing in summer, first, it does not attract mosquitoes very much. , it is more convenient to observe the fish float signal. However, emerald green also has certain disadvantages. It is not suitable for long-term staring and drifting. It will cause eye fatigue and cause chronic damage for a long time. Therefore, you must relax properly during long-term fishing.

Lighting effect lure is to use the phototaxis of fish and insects and moths to lure fish species to feed on insects and moths, etc., set strong lighting effects, lead fish into the pre-set net, and then use the roller to increase the intensity. Due to the power effect, the net gear was quickly lifted to the upper side of the river and a lot of fish were caught.

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