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How deep is the green fishing light? The maximum depth of the underwater fish light

13/12/2022 by 内斯勒
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In general, you should allow your green fishing lights to sink to a depth of 20 feet. While this may vary and we’ll explore more on why this is the case, there are several simple reasons why this is a good average depth. A depth of 20 feet will maximize light levels for water droplets, give room for food, and help identify the species of fish you’re catching.

Depth for Green Fishing Lights:

  1. A length of 20 meters to 35 meters is very good.
  2. The fish luring lamp in the water is used to gather fish. It is relatively simple to use, and it can be placed in the water at 20 meters to 35 meters immediately. The blue and green light sources are quite attractive to small shrimps and larvae, and it is easy to lure them to gather together so that the big fish eat the small fish.
  3. Then you can go fishing or paving the target.

We’ll quickly dissect these factors one by one, but first let’s talk about why people say “typically 20 feet.”

Why do questions matter? Well, when people say you should just make it down to 20 feet deep, they’re really talking about 20 feet average depth. However, there are also external factors that can seriously affect the exact depth at which you can sink your emerald fishing light into the water.

In other words, how deep is the water below your port? It’s probably a simple new boat and the water level most likely won’t be more than 5 inches. In simple terms, you don’t have 20 feet of water below you to make it go down.

In other boat conditions, the water in the boat may still be less than 20 feet deep. Some shallow waterways or lakes won’t actually be 20 feet smaller than your boat, so our original average answer doesn’t quite work for those situations.

As a good rule of thumb, when our water level drops below 40 inches, turn your lights down about halfway. However, when the water level exceeds 40 inches, our original answer to how deep to put the fishing signal still applies: 20 feet.

I think everyone is going around in circles a bit, because the answers are indeed different. 20 feet is a nominal value, but there are also phenomena that do not fit the nominal value.

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