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You can choose a multi-benefit fluorescent LED waterproof work light

13/09/2022 by 内斯勒
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Temporary Work Light 100W




You think What are the advantages of fluorescent LED waterproof work light?
I am think Fluorescent work light protection level: 100% enclosed waterproof function – IP67.

I had bought is completely waterproof, and the oil proof is strict and product can be used for long time or using energy-saving lamps.

Easy to use: The lamp tube can be replaced on one side and the disassembly is quick and convenient but Even the built-in components are modularized but which is very convenient to update and replace.

Easy installation: The screw hole fixing seat can be directly fixed on the platform and the round tail can choose various hanging fixing accessories but which can be placed in position to achieve good lighting effect.
Genergy saving: Electronic ballasts are used in the full range of fluorescent work lights and instant start and high frequency or high power (above 0.98) and protect eyesight and save energy.

Safety: When the lamp fails or is abnormal so the electronic ballast circuit will automatically cut because off to protect the ballast with high safety.
because The waterproof fluorescent work light adopts a new type of energy-saving fluorescent tube to achieve the ideal effect.


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