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Why is the price difference of LED garden landscape lights relatively large?

31/08/2022 by 内斯勒
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Many customers or engineers may need to purchase corresponding LED garden landscape light in lighting. Now, due to the development of the web, we have to compare before buying. Some clients may compare more than three. In contrast, we may encounter the same product with a price difference? Why?

Price difference of LED garden landscape lights:

Now in the lighting market, different manufacturers produce different materials, so the price difference of LED garden landscape lights is also very common.

Therefore, when choosing products, we suggest that some purchasing departments must carefully screen to prevent some small street light manufacturers from inferior, fake, make up for the quantity, and do not choose LED garden landscape lights because of the low price.

First, different manufacturers may have different quotation methods.

Secondly, the materials and processes required for production as understood in the quotation are also different, and the processes of different manufacturers are also different, so these are also different.

Then, if it is the same garden light, the shape and style are the same, and the height is the same, the difference is the material difference, the light source brand difference and the surface treatment of the garden light may be different.

LED garden landscape lamp price configuration:

We need to know that even with the same configuration, there are differences. Of course, under the same configuration, there are also differences in the prices of some brands of garden light manufacturers and some small assembly plants under the same configuration. For example, the better equipped computers and cell phones are, the more expensive they will be. Different brands have different prices.

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