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Why does the led light flicker for a while and then return to normal?

15/11/2022 by 内斯勒
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Home lights flicker easily. Why does the led light flicker for a while and then return to normal? Let New Sunshine Company take you to understand.

First, if you use a light fixture, you need to check if it is related to the current environment. LED lights don’t delay and don’t delay lighting, but LED lights generally do dim light when the current is weak. The phenomenon you are talking about should be a problem with fluorescent lamps or fluorescent tubes? LED lights generally turn on immediately. First, you should confirm whether your home is like this.

Why does the led light flicker for a while and then return to normal?

  1. It may be that the voltage at home is unstable, and it is prone to voltage instability during the peak period of electricity consumption.
  2. It may be that the circuit of the led light is damaged. If it is found to be damaged, power off immediately and replace the wire to avoid leakage and fire.
  3. It may be that the led light is broken. If the led light is broken, buy another one to see if it can be bright. If the new LED light is still glowing, the reason can only be found from the first two possibilities.
  4. The led light turns on for a while before it turns on normally. There are two possibilities, one is the light source problem, and the other is the driver problem.
  5. In the production of LED lamps, the lamp beads made by inferior manufacturers may have virtual welding. After the LED lamp is used for a long time, the virtual welding area will age, the contact will be poor, and the lamp will flicker. In this case, remove the lamp and solder the lamp beads with a soldering iron.

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