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Why are underwater green fishing lights so popular with fishing boats?

27/11/2022 by 内斯勒
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This sturdy and completely waterproof underwater fishing light emits a very large.

in the water and is quickly completely covered by a storm of baitfish.

Hungry predators will lie in wait in the shadows to attack.

while bait fish constantly swing around the lights in search of zooplankton.

As a result, anglers have brought their own free-range ponds and which are filled with large.

medium-sized hunting fish and anxiously and quietly waiting for the easy target to attack.

New Sunshine underwater green fishing lights Features:

Iam like Thoroughly submerged under its own weight and designed for the needs of freshwater and seawater applications.

Complete 360 ​​degree angle.

100W-6000W super bright LED silicon case 100% waterproof case IP68 level.

Contains approximately 30 inches of extra heavy-duty and UV-resistant.

The rated value is used for 50,000~100,000 hours!

Iam like Self-Weight System Software and Just drop it into your favorite fishing hole and get ready for action!

Tel: 13236167060.

Email: [email protected].

Iam think High-power LED light source, high luminous efficiency.

more conducive to improving efficiency.

Scientific and reasonable selection of contrast, reasonable reduction of eye damage.

The additional hard disk on the back can absorb the metal surface.

which is convenient to use 5-meter burst test, more durable in anti-collision.

The built-in hook is tough and not easy to break .

the appearance is more beautiful and generous.

Iam like Waterproof design and the product is more durable.

Iam think LED lights are eco-friendly and energy efficient.

and won’t drain your battery like old halogen headlights.

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