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Portable Underwater LED Fishing Light with 50m Cable 12v-24v

29/11/2022 by 内斯勒
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Lighting effects are widely used by fishermen as a common method of attracting fish in the fishing industry.

Our company’s research is dedicated to designing an underwater fishing model using light-emitting diode (LED) lights, which is low-cost and suitable for fishermen all over the world.

Underwater LED fishing lights attract fish species like never before.

This fishing light has at least 180 LED lights to attract fish to start eating.

Its sturdy design is moisture and impact resistant, making it perfect for fishing from the harbor, boat or rocks!

Attract fish, giant squid, and shrimp to your favorite spots with these super bright LED fishing lights.

This underwater fishing light can see through the water level up to 75 meters, attracting marine animals at night.

Water Underwater LED Fishing Light Features:

  • 1. Thoroughly moisture-proof (IP68 level)
  • 2. Show bright light in the water to attract most shallow water and deep water fish species
  • 3. Very bright LED output (up to 1296 lumens – depends on the color tone)
  • 4. Available colors: emerald green, dark blue
  • 5. Input voltage: DC12V–DC24V
  • 6. Cable length: 5m~100m
  • 7. Power cord plug: rechargeable battery clip

Underwater LED Fishing Light :

How this works:

Zooplankton are attracted to light in the same way insects are attracted to engineered lighting.

These tiny microbial species, such as shrimp and dinoflagellates, attract schools of fish.

The bait fish immediately took a posture, and circled under the light as if gradually promoting sleep. This semi-blind fish is very easy to forage.

This fish fascinates everyone and loves to catch large carnivorous fish – snapper, trevelly, kingfish and more.

Night after night, fish will come to your lights to feast on simple foods. The lighting effect is delicately structured and deeply attracts large fish.

Watch them gulp it down in front of you. What do we want? capture!

Underwater LED Fishing Light :

Most fishermen currently use gasoline-based lamps, such as Candela lamps, which consume a lot of energy, resulting in a higher cost of recycling resources.

Such usage costs automatically raise the price of fish in the market. Therefore, the use of LED lights will control costs.

The data of this research shows that compared with Candela lights, LED fishing lights in water consume very little kinetic energy (environmental protection and energy saving).

Candela lights consume 6 liters of gasoline every 36 hours, which is equivalent to three nights, while LED lights need 7 pieces of charging at a time The battery can be used for 36 hours.

Six liters of gasoline cost about $7, and seven batteries cost nearly $2.

Underwater LED fishing lights cost around $100, which seems to be half the price of candle lights.

At present, the market price of candle lights on the market is around 150 US dollars.

This shows that LED lights are more efficient than candela lights in terms of energy saving, environmental protection and cost efficiency.

It is suggested that fishermen in the aquaculture industry should choose environmentally friendly and energy-saving underwater LED fishing lights.

This also helps the fisherman to carry out fishing activities at a lower cost, thereby reducing the market fish price.

This shows that compared with the traditional methods used by most fishermen, this kind of LED light has higher efficiency and effectiveness and can be used by fishermen.

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