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What the advantages LED corn lamp over U-shaped energy-saving lamp

26/10/2022 by 内斯勒
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Traditional U-shaped energy-saving lamps use mercury, which will produce harmful gases after emitting light, which has side effects on the human body.

Now on the market LED corn lights, environmentally friendly LED chips emit light

which is very safe to use on the human body, safe and energy-saving, people like to buy LED corn lights, because energy and weather are a huge test that people are facing today.

so energy-saving and environmentally friendly pollution-free energy has become the world’s focus of attention.

8W LED Corn light bulbs NS-PCL8-01U

LED corn light:

The LED corn lamp body is small and exquisite, suitable for domestic popular lamps and easy to assemble and novel in style and exquisite in technology

unified in commodities, concretely showing that LED corn lamp is energy-saving, green, environmentally friendly, and does not form other chemicals.

LED corn light is efficient and energy-saving: energy-saving and pollution-free, that is, green and environmental protection.

Very low energy consumption and power replacement close to 100%, consistent lighting effect is more than 80% energy efficient than Antique Photoelectric.

Long Term: Corn lights are called long-life lights, meaning lights that never go out.

Solid-state cold photoelectric energy, epoxy packaging, no loose factors in the lamp body, no lamp flashing, flammable, thermal precipitation, light attenuation and other shortcomings.

The selection time can reach 60,000 to 100,000 quarter hours, which is more than 10 times longer than the antique photoelectric energy.

8W LED Corn light bulbs NS-PCL8-01U

LED corn light:

In terms of lighting, its battery loss accounts for about 20% of the total, and lighting electricity is the main way to save energy.

With its high efficiency, fast speed, cost saving and energy saving characteristics, led has achieved unprecedented opportunities in the field of lighting.

Currently, there are many small unit packers that do not have color resolvers.

The flash color of the lamps will vary, and this relative quality is difficult to guarantee.

Under almost normal conditions, using automatic machining, the version is refined and obvious in appearance

And if the version is not good, it indicates that it is handmade, and it also indicates that the manufacturer is not good.

Almost a corn lamp will use an aluminum body and a plastic base.

Aluminum not only has an attractive appearance, no roughness, but also has good heat dissipation performance.

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