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What color is usually better for underwater LED fishing lights?

26/10/2022 by 内斯勒
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Blu-ray. Usually use Blu-ray! It is best not to use purple light, it will hurt the eyes for a long time! Some require different colors of purple light to harm people in different seasons, and use blue light and yellow light carefully to not harm people.

Underwater LED fishing lights means that when fishing at night, in order to see the subtle movement of the fish float, it is necessary to use a special light to shine on the fish float so as to accurately judge the condition of the fish. The light used at this time is the night fishing light.

In short, the underwater LED fishing lights is a light fixture that looks like a floating light when fishing at night.

400W LED Fishing Light EFL-4GA22-01


1) The light emitted by the halogen lamp is yellow light, and the light with higher power is stronger. In contrast, the floating principle of night fishing lights is the simplest, which can be seen by shining high-intensity light on the fish float.

But the shortcomings are also obvious. Due to the obvious fever, the lamp beads are easy to lose and burn out after long-term use. You must bring a few spares for fishing at night.

The brightness is too low, too dark, too bright, it hurts the eyes and easily disturbs others.

2) Most of the users of xenon lamp beads are modified by night fishing enthusiasts, and use large-capacity batteries as power sources. The night fishing light has high brightness, long range, long discharge time and long service life.

The principle of light drift is the same as that of halogen lamp beads, which can be seen by hitting the light directly on the fish drift. This night fishing light has many fishing friends to choose, the disadvantage is that the light is too heavy, and the floating efficiency depends on the intensity of the light.

3) Ordinary LEDs are like halogen lamp beads, and the light color is whiter. As a cold light source, LEDs are widely used in various fields and have the advantages of high brightness, low heat, low power consumption, good stability, and long service life.

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