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What is the photoaging time standard for LED lamps?

16/11/2022 by 内斯勒
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After assembling the finished product in the production of LED lamps, in principle, an aging test is required.

The main purpose is to see whether the light decay of the LED lamp is actually damaged during the assembly process.

and check again whether the power supply is stable in a high temperature environment.

and a short aging time The light efficiency cannot be evaluated. The aging test has flexibility in actual operation.

which can not only meet the requirements of relevant standards, but also improve production efficiency.

Light decay test:

  1. Aging drive power supply. Shock and other related tests;
  2. According to the batch of LED lamp sampling high current light decay test;
  3. Carry out a full set of tests and an aging test of more than 12 hours for the newly developed engineering products to evaluate the stability and service life;

At present, most of the industry tests are carried out according to the aging time of 1000 hours.

and the light decay of different brand manufacturers is different. The LED working life test mainly passes:

Test Room Temperature Operating Life (RTOL)

High Temperature Operating Life Test (HTOL)

Wet High Temperature Operating Life Test (WHTOL)

Low Temperature Operating Life Test (LTOL)

If you only ask about 1W LED lights, according to the parameters you provide.

the light efficiency of high-power LEDs is 110LM/W.

In practical applications, the luminous efficacy of finished LED lamps is lower than that of simple high-power light-emitting diodes.

Due to the influence of power drive, heat dissipation, lens, etc.

The higher the light efficiency, the better.

There is no standard for light decay, the industry internal standard is:

1000 hours light decay is 0.

3000 hours light attenuation is 1%

10000 hours light attenuation is 3%.

No more than 30% of 50,000 hours.

Generally, the manufacturers that can achieve the above-mentioned light decay are relatively regular manufacturers.

The chips used by many manufacturers outside are not very good.

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The standard can refer to the US Energy Star LM-80 standard.

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