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Waterproof Dustproof High Quality 8W LED Corn Light bulb Price

23/08/2022 by 内斯勒
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Waterproof and dustproof high quality LED 8W corn light bulb: 360 degree light, shaped like corn on the cob. Simply put, LED corn lights can be used anywhere you want.

Led corn light can be used as the internal light source of garden lights, landscape lights, street lights and other lamps, and can also be used for direct lighting in schools, factories, offices, homes, hotels, supermarkets, gymnasiums and other occasions.

In addition, led corn lamps can also directly replace incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, electrodeless lamps, mercury lamps, sodium lamps and other types of lamps. There is no need to replace the original lamp holder, just select the appropriate lamp head and tighten it, which is very simple and convenient.

So what is the price of waterproof, dustproof, high quality 8W LED corn light bulb?

The price of the LED 8W corn bulb needs to be determined according to the wattage you want to buy. If it is 8W, the price is about $3-4.

If you have high quality waterproof and dustproof LED8W corn light needs, it is recommended to buy corn bulbs in New Sunshine. New Sunshine focuses on the production of LED lamps. For decades, customers have spread over more than 60 countries, and the quality is guaranteed!

LED corn lights can be widely used as light sources:

  1. Home lighting, chandelier ceiling lamp downlight, high power, using E27 lamp head

2 Industrial lighting, high bay lights

  1. Outdoor garden lights, lawn lights, street lights, etc.

New Sunshine 8W LED Corn Bulb Features:

  1. High-power LED light sources with high luminous efficiency are more conducive to improving work efficiency
  2. Scientifically select color temperature to effectively reduce eye damage
  3. There is a disk on the back, which can adsorb the metal surface and is easy to use

4.5m drop test, more durable against collision

  1. The toughness of the hidden hook is not easy to break, and the appearance is more beautiful
  2. Moisture-proof design, the product is more durable.

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