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How much is the waterproof LED underwater fishing light 1000 watts

23/08/2022 by 内斯勒
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LED Underwater Fishing Night Fishing Light, as an indispensable artifact in night fishing, can enhance the brightness and clarity of floating in the dark night environment.
The LED fishing light is suitable for fishing at night, it is easy to see the position of the fish in the water at night, it will not scare the fish and can attract the fish.
The use of phototaxis aggregation makes fishing at night more effective, so fishing lights play a great role in night fishing and can also be used for lighting.

So how much is the waterproof LED underwater fishing light 1000 watts?

The price of 1000-watt waterproof LED fishing lights on the market is basically around $700, and the price is still relatively high.

If you have the need of waterproof LED fishing lights 1000 watts, contact our new sunshine, our waterproof LED underwater fishing lights not only have quality assurance, but also much cheaper than the market.

Features of New Sunshine LED Underwater Fishing Lights:

One: It can effectively reflect the floating fluorescence, making it clearly visible.

Two: Because of the wavelength, the fish will not be disturbed.

Three: stare for a long time without fatigue.

Four: The special light color can attract the fish to gather together, making the night fishing better.

Five: Characteristic lighting is harmless to the human body

New Sunshine LED Underwater Fishing Light Features:

  1. The lampshade adopts the anti-glare function to make the light softer, which can reduce the visual fatigue of the eyes and improve the work efficiency.
  2. Long service life, up to 100,000 hours, without regular maintenance.
  3. The shell is made of waterproof lightweight alloy material, dustproof, waterproof, and has good corrosion resistance.
  4. The transparent parts are made of bulletproof rubber, with high light transmittance and good impact resistance, and can work in various harsh environments.

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