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How to repair the damaged LED light bar? What is the reason?

13/11/2022 by 内斯勒
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When decorating, we often use various lamps, and Led strips are one of the most common.

Because of its good safety performance and good energy saving, it is very popular among consumers.

There will also be some problems with the led light bar, such as how to repair the broken led light bar?

Next, let Xiaobian take you to solve this problem together.

LED light bar:

  1. What is the reason why the Led light is broken?
  2. Actuator failure: The led light suddenly does not light up during our use, which may be due to the drive failure.
  3. because the light-emitting diode has high requirements on current and voltage, so during use.
  4. if the current or voltage is abnormal, then The lights won’t work properly. In this case, we’d better replace with a new drive.
  5. Lamp bead failure: Usually, the lamp beads in the LED lamp are a whole string, which is basically a series circuit.
  6. When using lamp beads, the problem will cause no light, and we have to replace the lamp beads inside with new lamp beads.

If some of the lamp beads inside are damaged.

it is most likely due to the failure of the capacitor and resistance of the driver, and we must first find the cause of the treatment.

Editor’s summary: The above are some information about leds that we can see from the above article.

LED lights have been widely used in our daily life. However, some problems also arise when they are used for a long time.

We have to find the cause of the problem before solving it. Hope it helps you.

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