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How to repair the broken led underwater fishing light?

11/09/2022 by 内斯勒
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Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED underwater fishing lights can only be replaced with new ones. They can be repaired.
Maintenance is not complicated and we can even fix it ourselves. Just find the faulty part exactly and replace the corresponding part, a few easy steps to LED repair light, no need to replace the whole light.

The core components of the LED underwater fishing light are the light board and the driver, which are the most prone to problems.


  1. Distinguish between the failure of the light board or the failure of the driver

First of all, it is necessary to find out whether the lamp board is faulty or the driver is faulty. The method is as follows:

Use a multimeter to adjust to the voltage gear, and measure the voltage at the output of the driver, that is, the voltage between the two wires connecting the light board.

If the voltage is normal and there is no problem with the driver, it is confirmed that the problem is with the light board. If the voltage is not normal, then this is naturally a problem with the drive.

At this time, a measuring light board should also be equipped to prevent the light board and the driver from being damaged together. The measuring light board can be measured with the buzzer gear. The connection is not bad, but the channel is damaged.

  1. LED found the lamp board failure

After the lamp board fault problem is determined, the specific fault location can be found.

The LED light board is generally composed of multiple LED light beads connected in series. If one of the light beads is damaged, all the light beads will not emit light. So we just want to find the damaged lamp beads.

To find the fault of the lamp bead, you can first observe it visually. Some black lamp beads are burned, maybe one or more.

Second, you can use a multimeter to measure one by one, note that these beads are actually LEDs, divided into positive and negative.

It is also possible to add DC power to both ends of the lamp bead without a multimeter to determine if it glows. This method basically checks which lamp bead is faulty.

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