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How to repair the broken led light? How long is the service life?

16/08/2022 by 内斯勒
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Now many families are using led lamps, which are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, have a long service life, and are very affordable.

After long-term use of led, the light is easy to dim or not bright. At this time, how to repair the LED light? Let us understand this question!

How to repair the broken led light?

Turn off the switch first, then remove to analyze the cause. If the internal lamp is damaged, it is recommended to replace the lamp;

If the lamp connector is not in good contact, tighten the connector; if the ballast is burned out, the ballast needs to be replaced.

Generally speaking, the service life of LED lights is more than 50,000 hours, and the service life of LEDs with good quality will be longer.

Studies have shown that if the high-quality LED lamp can maintain 60% of the original brightness after 50,000 hours of use, the LED lamp has reached its rated service life and will not be directly off, but the light will be weaker.

How to buy led lights:

  1. Look at the brightness

Its brightness is closely related to price. Generally speaking, products with high brightness are more expensive and suitable for large bedrooms;

Products with less brightness are cheaper and suitable for small bedrooms.

  1. Look at the light-emitting angle

When buying, carefully observe whether the light distribution is uniform and whether it can cover all.

  1. Look at the wafer

Its wafer quality will greatly affect its performance.

Generally speaking, chip prices in Taiwan and the mainland are lower, while those in the United States and Japan are higher.

  1. Look at the color temperature

If the bedroom uses warm color light source and cool color light source, it is recommended to use warm color LED light to create a comfortable and warm atmosphere for the bedroom; if it is used in the living room, it is recommended to choose a cool color light source with stronger brightness, and the lighting effect is good.

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