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How much is the LED landscape garden light used in the park courtyard?

26/08/2022 by 内斯勒
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With the continuous progress of the LED lighting market, the development of LED street lamps has gradually become clear.

LED landscape garden lights use high-quality LEDs and are widely used in residential areas, parks, squares, courtyards and other workplaces.

It can beautify and decorate the environment and play an integral role in prolonging the movement time of people and improving the safety of property.

So how much is the LED landscape garden light for the park courtyard?

The price of the LED landscape garden light used in the park courtyard needs to be determined according to the wattage you want to buy. If the wattage is about 30W, the price is about $40.

If it is a large wattage LED landscape garden light, such as 100 watts, the price will be higher, and the price will be around $110.

Introduction of LED landscape garden lights:

LED garden light is a kind of lighting, and its light source adopts new LED semiconductor as illuminator, which is generally used for road lighting below 6 meters.

Its main components: LED consists of five parts: light source, lamps, light poles, flanges, and basic embedded parts.

Because LED garden lights have the characteristics of diversity, aesthetics, beautification and decoration of the environment, they are also called landscape LED garden lights.

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