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High quality led underwater fishing light 2000W night fishing light wholesale

29/08/2022 by 内斯勒
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LED fishing lights refer to lamps used by fishermen at night. In order to see the movement of the float, special lamps are required.

The light shines on the fish float, so that the fish float is clearly visible, so as to accurately judge the fish condition, and at the same time determine the den in the water through the light spot.

LED fishing lights are a must-have choice for those who like night fishing, so where to find high-quality led underwater fishing light 2000W night fishing lights?

If you have a demand for high-quality led underwater fishing light 2000W night fishing lights, you can find us Xinyang, Xinyang is a world-recognized brand of high-quality underwater fishing lights, almost unbreakable and durable. Our underwater fishing lights are easy to use and very effective.

Features of new sunshine led underwater fishing light :

  1. The lamp body is made of precision cast aluminum alloy
  2. High strength, strong impact resistance
  3. The surface is sprayed with electrostatic powder, which has good corrosion resistance
  4. Superior optical performance and uniform light distribution

How to choose high-quality led underwater fishing lights? ?

Green light, the drift is obvious, the green light penetration is medium, and the water depth is not too shallow, it will not disturb the fish,

When fishing at night, the green light complements the surrounding dark environment, making the night fishing experience better without hurting the eyes.

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