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Does the LED underwater fishing light have the effect of gathering fish?

22/09/2022 by 内斯勒
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Expert Answers

LED underwater fishing light has a certain effect on fishing, but its use environment is relatively limited, the effect of use at night is obvious, and the effect of use during the day is not obvious.

During the day polyfish usually use bait. You can add a little drug to the bait to make the bait more flavorful. After the bait is submerged, the rod can be shaken to make it easier for the bait to smell.

You can also use rice wine to beat the fish in advance, the taste of the wine will spread out faster in the water, and the fish can be gathered in a relatively small area in advance.

LED underwater fishing lights have a certain ability to gather fish in deep water, because water can reflect light. Purple light.

LED underwater fishing light knowledge expansion

It works great if you use LED underwater fishing lights when fishing at night. In relatively dark environments, you can use the light to attract fish around you, but spotlights are used underwater and don’t work without enough power.

The two most commonly used are luminous drift and night underwater fishing lights. Night fishing lights are used on the shore in different colors. In warm seasons, use cool light, such as blue, and in cold season, use warm light, such as yellow. Luminous float is a special kind of luminous fish float. Some use light sticks on the drift tail, some use batteries, choose according to your needs.

Finally, the price of LED underwater fishing light is high and low. For fishing friends, if they are not friends who often fish at night, it is not meaningful to buy night fishing lights. In the night fishing lights market, the quality level is not uniform. Many low-priced lights are not of good quality, but use It is convenient, the effect is good, and the price is too high, so or compare the actual demand, do not buy blindly. If you need LED underwater fishing lights, you can contact us New Sunshine.

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