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What is the wholesale price of led corn light bulb 50W?

05/09/2022 by 内斯勒
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The led corn light is led because the maximum light-emitting angle of the led is 120 degrees. Considering the uniformity of light emission, it is specially designed to emit light in 360 degrees, shaped like a corn cob, specially called led corn light.

So what is the wholesale price of 50W led corn light bulb?

Now the price of 50W led corn bulbs on the market is about $60, which is still relatively expensive. If you have 50W led corn bulbs, you can contact our new sunshine, the price is cheap!

New Sunshine has been focusing on the production of LEDs for decades, with customers in more than 60 countries, and the quality is guaranteed!

led corn light bulb 50W features:

  1. LED corn light with cover is an advanced LED light source lighting product with the characteristics of energy saving, beautiful appearance and no glare;
  2. Using high-grade PMMA light transmittance above 90% village material, the light is bright and soft, durable and colorless;
  3. Compared with the traditional solar light source, the LED corn lamp can save more than 40% energy; the life span is up to 50,000 hours;
  4. No ultraviolet UV and infrared IR radiation and overheating without protection;
  5. Intelligent shake control (optional) can adjust the brightness by itself, which is convenient and fast;
  6. Low power, high light efficiency, easy to fold and maintenance-free.

led corn bulbs 50W function:

  1. The lampshade adopts the anti-glare function to make the light softer, which can reduce the visual fatigue of the eyes and improve the work efficiency.
  2. Long service life, up to 100,000 hours, without regular maintenance.
  3. The shell is made of waterproof light alloy material. Dustproof. Corrosion resistance.
  4. The transparent parts are made of bulletproof rubber, with high light transmittance and good impact resistance, and can work in various harsh environments.
  5. The wide voltage design range of any national power grid in the world is 85-300V, and the narrow voltage is only 80-144. Universal use!

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